Backwash furniture for hairdresser

The design furniture manufactured by Vezzosi includes a line dedicated to backwash furniture for hairdressers and beauticians. In order to make our products accessible to private professionals, we have created a modern and design furniture outlet, composed of low-priced complements.

Service furniture must first and foremost be particularly functional, practical and spacious, but our backwash furniture is also aesthetically attractive thanks to our 40 year experience in the sector. The materials used are plastic laminate and polyurethane, to ensure beauty and ease of cleaning at all times. Each piece of furniture communicates order and integrates perfectly within an existing furnishing style. In fact, they can be used both as individual complements and as articles to be integrated and included into a larger furnishing design.

A stylish and tidy salon

Thanks to our skilled designers and constant desire to provide hairdressers, barbers and beauticians with the best furnishing accessories, we created models and types of backwash furniture with unique features.

There are many possible solutions, including single-block units with only shelves and doors, or multifunctional units with sink and additional shelves, ideal for those who have a large space available and want to place everything they need in one place.

Colours, materials and geometries are available in many unique versions.

Take a glance at our complete offer and buy directly from our online outlet. You can count on a fast delivery service throughout the world.



The display cabinets of the ALLURE collection signed by Vezzosi are the most elegant and refined you can get. The predominant features are the intensity of the timeless black colour and the natural strength of marble. The furniture of this line is characterized by the presence of large arches equipped with spacious and extremely practical shelves. The marble is the background, not weighing down the structure, but rather enhancing it to the full.



The IRON collection is the maximum example of minimalism applied to the beauty sector. The service furniture of this line is distinguished by the presence of raw industrial metal. Essential in form and colour, due to the predominance of black, the collection’s backwash units offer large and capacious spaces, where instruments, products and towels can be stored away from the customers’ sight, preserving the minimalist touch of this line.



The activities of a true hair professional must be carried out in comfort, with the certainty that every product and tool is exactly where it needs to be and at the right time. The multifunctional expo furniture in our outlet has the essential functions of containing and displaying at the same time. The structure at the base looks like a normal backwash cabinet, but the numerous compartments make it an irreplaceable ally.

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In addition to aesthetics, useful space is crucial. The backwash service cabinets have shelves that allow you to store work instruments, as well as professional products used during treatments, turning the set into a multifunctional piece of furniture.

With the backwash cabinets in the Vezzosi outlet, you can comfortably and carefully store the products you do not usually use, using the space available as a small personal storing place.

Once you have chosen the service furniture for hairdressers that will best suit you, you can complete the purchase in a few simple steps. We deliver our products throughout the world.

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