Checkout tables for hairdresser’s shops

As soon as you walk into a beauty salon, hair salon or barber shop, the first impression you get of the place plays a major role. The customer is aware that even the smallest detail will influence the final price of the service and that it is not just a matter of paying for a haircut or a new colour. Everything in the shop combines to create a positive outcome.

Vezzosi Outlet provides private professionals with lines of checkout tables and furniture for reception, offering the opportunity to buy every product at a discount, without giving up high quality.

By browsing our offers, you will find tables with or without built-in lighting, in laminated or melamine wood, with a classic or whimsical look. You can complete your salon with furniture designed specifically to help you guarantee an impeccable service.

The best way to welcome your costomers

The reception area must necessarily be perfectly integrated with the surrounding furnishings, as well as serve as the perfect place for reception and appointment management. The round or square lines and the corner or semi-circular structure are distinctive features of each reception model and satisfy even the most uncompromising aesthetes. The materials used are the heart of every counter desk, especially in the case of the unlit version, as the shapes are only highlighted by natural light. This is why we have chosen to mix soft skai upholstery with wooden or plastic laminate bases, creating unique and extremely versatile shapes.

Don’t hesitate to view the variety of checkout furniture solutions in the online outlet. The fast and efficient shipping service covers the whole world.




Vezzosi has implemented its online shop with checkout furniture equipped with an integrated LED lighting system. The lights are specifically designed to enhance the beauty of the individual reception table, showcasing the chosen geometries, materials and shapes. In addition, the artificial lighting also helps to give greater prominence to environments where natural light cannot be fully exploited.



The types of checkout counters without lighting express all the charm of being essential, but never banal. The different shapes and colours contribute alone to the overall design, without the need to add further elements. The very high quality and the continuous research of new styles are the main characteristics of our non-illuminated checkout tables. You can organize appointments and manage the reception of customers in an exclusive way.

We have the answer to your every need

The presence or absence of natural light is definitely one of the factors to consider when it comes to furnishing a hair salon. If the shop is equipped with large windows, then you can simply opt for a cabinet without lighting, already attractive as it is. In the event that the environments do not offer the possibility of bringing in lighting from outside, the checkout tables with built-in LED lighting will meet your every need.

We invite you to view our catalogue and complete your purchase directly in our outlet. We distribute the reception stations for hairdressing salons throughout the world.

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