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Waiting chairs for your salon

A beautician’s, beauty or hairdresser’s salon is not complete without an area designed specifically for welcoming customers.

Vezzosi’s outlet offers the opportunity to quickly buy poufs, armchairs and waiting sofas, taking advantage from on-going promotions and discount prices.

Our in-house produced seats turn waiting into a pleasure, thanks to their unparalleled beauty and comfort. In addition to offering a comfortable seat,  poufs, sofas and armchairs are essential to convey the personality and style of the store, acting as an excellent business card. You can choose from a wide variety of geometries and colours, but they all have one thing in common: undisputed quality.

The pleasure of waiting

Discounted elegant and comfortable waiting chairs in our outlet never disappoint the most demanding professional expectations. They are real functional is a context where beauty is of paramount importance. Single, double or triplesofas are synonymous with ergonomics and design and are born from the desire to create working areas that stand out from the pack. Square, rectangular, round, with thick or thin armrests, the waiting chairs in our online shop will turn waiting into a real moment of pleasure.

You can view the entire range of armchairs and waiting room sofas in this section. We deliver our products and our passion to every corner of the world.



The wide range of waiting room furniture by Vezzosi includes armchairs. They are designed for the total relaxation of the customer and to fit perfectly into any shop without having to worry about the space available. Our armchairs are compact, but at the same time they certainly do not go unnoticed. The different nuances, the whimsical geometries and the carefully selected materials make up a must-have furnishing accessory for a cutting-edge salon. View the entire range of waiting chairs.



Waiting sofas are classic furnishing elements for a beauty salon, but the models we have created are much more. Waiting for their turn will become, for your clients, an extremely intimate moment, in which to relax and prepare themselves emotionally for the following treatments. The sofas have a large space to sit and an ergonomic backrest. The choice of style depends exclusively on the tastes of the professional, but you will certainly find what most suits your needs.



A pouf is the ideal solution for small areas or to supplement settings already designed. They save space, create dynamism, offer variety and a valuable support. There are many colours and geometries available and they never disappoint expectations. Poufs can be used to fill an empty corner, in combination with sofas and armchairs or to emphasize your personality or give life to a bare room.

Versatile waiting chairs

Our passion for new and versatile products has led us to change the simple destination of use of poufs, sofas and armchairs: some models have been transformed into stations dedicated to drying. The time needed for this treatment should be spent in total relaxation and this is why the armchairs and sofas are equipped with incorporated with a hood holder, thus creating a unique work station with an attractive design.

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