For over 40 years, the Italian company Vezzosi srl has been putting all its passion for design and love of beauty at the service of hairdressers and barbers, dealing with the design and production of designer furnishings.

Our customers come to us confident and sure to find quality, service, innovation and creativity in every work of art we create. These are the guidelines that we have always followed and that allow us to be a leading company on the market and operative overseas.

Recently, we have extended our range of action and we also specialize in the online sale of professional furniture for hairdressers.  Every professional hair stylist, barber or beautician will find unique furniture and highly practical to use.


The continuous search for new lines, innovative materials and trendy inspirations leads to the creation of ever-modern shapes and articles that are no longer just work tools, but are transformed into real design objects.

From aluminium to steel, passing through glass, wood or plexiglass, nothing is left to chance, but is the result of in-depth analysis not only in the world of hairdressing but also in numerous market sectors. For us, every field or situation that can be a source of inspiration for a new creation is worth exploring with curiosity and an open mind.

For more details visit the outlet and complete your purchases with a simple click. The company is physically based in Albinea, in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy but we ship all over the world.


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Where quality, craftsmanship and convenience come together


The Vezzosi company has always aimed at a very high level of quality, bringing innovation, beauty and style to every barber or hairdresser’s salon in Italy and the world over.

The online shop that we decided to create is the maximum expression of our desire to create an outlet where the quality/price ratio is a solid basis and the target of our daily commitment. That’s why our attention in mainly focussed on private professionals of the beauty sector, dealing with the online sale of fine furniture, made entirely by our team of designers and planners.

Our offer encompasses several solutions, such as handcrafted and modern furniture, designed to meet the aesthetic needs of shops and hair salons. The articles available come from our showroom, from trade fairs or stock inventories.

For more details on the discount prices, please refer to the wide range of solutions available.

In-house production: an essential added value

Customer satisfaction is certainly the main objective of our team. It is from listening that the whole process starts, leading to the final project carried out taking into account the expectations and wishes of every single customer.

To make dreams come true and never disappoint expectations, the in-house production department is at the heart of every project. We believe that being able to count on professional craftsmen, engineers and designers is definitely an added value, as if it were the signature of an artist.

Behind every washing station, armchair, cash desk or mirror there is the awareness that our creations will always be able to stand out from the competition. How? By focusing on the importance of manufacturing our products in Italy only and the careful choice of materials and cutting-edge production techniques.

Without a hint of doubt, it is details that make a difference.


To know more about the lines and models of complements, furniture and furnishings for hairdressers, barbers and beauticians, do not hesitate to click on the appropriate section. We deliver our products all over the world.

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