The hairdressing station you’ve always wanted

A complete and functional workstation is definitely a piece of furniture you cannot do without in a professional hair salon or barber shop.

Vezzosi’s outlet offers plenty of solutions made with an eye for detail, quality and refined materials at competitive prices and perfectly accessible to the private professional. Buying workstations directly from our online shop means you can complete your shop in the best possible way, with items made entirely in Italy and available in different models.

The illuminated workstations, single or double, and those with a central island are equipped with every comfort and detail to provide for a simplified workflow. In addition, your customers will feel immersed in a refined and unique atmosphere.

View the offer of furniture for hairdressers and barbershops in this section and complete the purchase with a simple click. Our shipping service is active throughout the world.

Order and design come first

Elements that may appear less important are actually crucial indicators for  professional service. The hairdresser’s workstations that we design and create are designed specifically to be comfortable and make the customer feel at ease. A workstation complete with every piece of equipment immediately conveys an idea of order and cleanliness, as well as being extremely functional.

Mirrors and mirror units frame and enrich the furnishings, playing with the geometries and the light both of the environment and recreated by the artificial lighting. If you are looking for essentiality and minimalism above all, we invite you to view the central island or wall-mounted solutions made of a single mirror, available in both oval and circular shapes.



Communicating with their customers and establishing a relationship of trust with them is of vital importance for hairdressers or barbers. Thanks to the wall-mounted workstations, you can create complicity and intimacy with your customers. The play of light created by a custom-designed lighting system combines perfectly with the lines, geometries and shine of the mirrors to create a stylish, design-driven corner.



The aesthetic result obtained thanks to the presence of a central island workstation is unparalleled. Much depends on the space that the hairdresser has available and it is certainly the best solution in case the number of customers is high. Each model of central island workstation is available with mirrors, furniture and a lighting system designed to convey peace of mind to the customer and help the professional in the operations of cutting and dyeing.

We make your every wish come true

Depending on the atmosphere that you wish to create with the furnishings of your salon, the choice of the central island station may fall on a solution with a single, double or double-sided mirror, as well as on synthetic materials or natural wood. All the accessories are made from the highest quality materials and are the result of constant and careful research.

View the offer in our online outlet and complete your purchase with a simple click. Our shipping service is active throughout the world.

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